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Cummins 100kw Generator Set

Cummins 100kw Generator Set

CCEC 100kw generator set Chongqing Sanchai Power Group, the predecessor is Chongqing Sanchai Engine Manufacture Co., Ltd. Established in 2009, located in Tongliang Industrial Park of Chongqing, mainly specialized in research, development, design, manufacture, sales and after-sale service of...

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                                                            CCEC 100kw generator set



Rated Power(50HZ)

100 KW/125 KVA

Standby Power(50HZ)

110 KW/137 KVA

Chongqing Sanchai Power Group, the predecessor is Chongqing Sanchai Engine Manufacture Co., Ltd. Established  in 2009, located in Tongliang Industrial Park of Chongqing, mainly specialized in research, development, design, manufacture, sales and after-sale service of diesel engines, gas engine, marine engines and engine spare parts.  Sanchai's prime products include newly developed series of high-power engines (from 132.6 to 2000 HP), such as NT855, KTA19, KTA38, and KTA50 series diesel engine. Suitable for generator sets, engineering machineries, marine/vessels  and heavy duty truck field.

anchai diesel engines are the most powerful and reliable engines on the road, on the water and at the worksite. Ranging from 2.8 to 95 liters of displacement, our diverse engine lineup allows customers around the globe to leverage the perfect Sanchai engine for their specific needs. For dependability and performance,  you just can't beat a Sanchai engine.


The modern diesel engine starts with a block, containing all the parts for the basic internal combustion  process. There is an open space in the block for each cylinder, where the combustion process takes place.


The first piece we need is the crankshaft. This is the piece that converts the linear motion created by  combustion into rotational motion.

Connecting Rods

Next we need something to connect the crankshaft to the cylinder and carry the force of the combustion  to it. These are the connecting rods.


Each connecting rod attaches to a piston at the top. The pistons create the bottom of the combustion chamber  and move up and down in the cylinder during operation.

Cylinder Head

At the top of the block is the cylinder head. This closes the top of the combustion cylinder to contain  the force of the combustion event. The head can be one unit covering all the cylinders or multiples with each covering a portion of the cylinders, depending on the design.


Now that the cylinder is closed off, the engine needs valves to allow the combustion gases to flow out  and fresh air to flow in during the process. There are usually two valves for exhaust and two for intake air on each cylinder.

Fuel Injectors

The component for getting fuel inside the cylinder is probably the most complex part of the combustion  system. Fuel injectors spray fuel into the top of the cylinder in very precise patterns with highly controlled timing.


Most engines still rely on a mechanical system to open and close the valves, and some still use mechanical  actuation (instead of electrical) for the fuel injection. The camshaft’s revolutions control the timing of each event through the geometry and placement of the lobes on the shaft.


Now that we have built the engine block, let’s take a closer look at how these parts work together to  produce a combustion event.

The crankshaft ensures the four cylinders of this engine are on different strokes for smooth operation.  Engines with more than four cylinders are optimized to get the most power and smoothest operation possible. This balancing of the engine is why most modern engines have an even number of cylinders.

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