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Cummins 100 kw Gensets

Cummins Diesel Genset SCDG-100 Ø Standard Configuration  Engine(Cummins 6BTA5.9-G2 )  Radiator 50℃ max, fans are driven by belt, with safety guard  24V charge alternator  Alternator: single bearing alternator IP23, insulation class H/H  Absorber  Dry type air filter, fuel filter, oil...

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Cummins Diesel Genset SCDG-100

三柴图片.pngCummins diesel generator block cylinder design is sturdy and durable, with low vibration and low noise; in-line six-cylinder four-stroke, stable operation and high efficiency; replace wet cylinder liner, long life and convenient maintenance; two cylinders and one cover, four valves per cylinder, advance Fully gas, forced water cooling, low heat radiation and excellent performance.

    The company's patented PT fuel system has a unique overspeed protection device; low pressure oil pipeline, less pipeline, low failure rate, high reliability; high pressure injection, full combustion. Safe and reliable with fuel supply and return check valves



Rated Power(50HZ)


Standby Power(50HZ)






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