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Cummins 1180 kw Silent Generator Set

Cummins 1180kw silent generator set Ø Standard Configuration  Engine(CUMMINS KTA50-GS8 )  Radiator 400C max, fans are driven by belt, with safety guard  24V charge alternator  Alternator: single bearing alternator IP23, insulation class H/H  Absorber  Dry type air filter, fuel filter, oil...

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Product Details

    Cummins 1180kw silent generator set



Rated Power(50HZ)


Standby Power(50HZ)







There are two kinds of arguments for the automation of the generator set. One is full automation, that is, automatic plus automatic switching, no manual operation is required, but the automatic control module must be added to the automatic control switch cabinet. It is automatically turned on after the mains power failure, the generator automatically detects the signal, and then automatically closes. When the mains calls, it will automatically open, automatically stop, and return to the initial state, waiting for the next start.

The general automation is not the same. It only needs an automatic control module. When the mains power failure is detected, the generator set will automatically start and manually close. When the mains calls, the generator set only stops automatically, but it does not automatically open, and it also needs manual operation.

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