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Cummins 340 kva Generator Set

CCEC 344kva generator set Ø Standard Configuration  Engine(Cummins NTA855-G2A)  Radiator 50°Cmax, fans are driven by belt, with safety guard  24V charge alternator  Alternator: single bearing alternator IP23, insulation class H/H  Absorber  Dry type air filter, fuel filter, oil filter ...

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Product Details

CCEC 344kva generator set



Rated Power(50HZ)


Standby Power(50HZ)


Ø Standard Features

 Sanchai Standard Auto Control System

 Base Fuel Tank

 Starting batteries(Maintenance-Free &Watering-Free) with connective


 Oil Drain Valve

 Exhaust System( including until muffler)

 Special tool for Sanchai engine

 One set of fuel filter / oil filter /belt

  Documents

Diesel generator set parking

4.1. Disconnect each shunt load switch of the control panel one by one, and disconnect the power grid;

4.2. Under normal circumstances, the generator set should not be shut down urgently. The load should be removed first, then idling at 800~1000 rpm for 5~10 minutes and then stop.

4.3. When the ambient temperature is lower than zero, all the waterproof switches should be turned on after the shutdown to drain the cooling water in the machine (except for antifreeze).

5. Note:

5.1. Where the diesel generator set is down, the fault must be eliminated before starting again;

5.2. If the diesel generator set is found to have any bad conditions, it should be disposed of immediately.

5.3. The idle running time of diesel units should not exceed 10 minutes, usually 3~5 minutes.

5.4. When the diesel engine is started, the start-up time of the starter should not exceed 30 seconds, and the interval between two starts should be no less than 2 minutes.

5.5. The diesel engine should not be operated for a long time under the condition that the oil water is lower than 60 °C or the water temperature is higher than 95 °C.

5.6. There must be an oil pressure indication within 15 seconds after the diesel engine is started. If there is no oil pressure indication, stop it for inspection.

Please refer to the PDF document for details. Welcome to contact us.

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