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Cummins 520 kw Gensets

Sanchai Diesel Genset SCDG-520 Ø Standard Configuration  Engine(Cummins KTAA19-G6)  Radiator 50°Cmax, fans are driven by belt, with safety guard  24V charge alternator  Alternator: single bearing alternator IP23, insulation class H/H  Absorber  Dry type air filter, fuel filter, oil filter...

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Product Details

Sanchai Diesel Genset SCDG-520



Standby Power(50HZ)


Sanchai diesel engine generator system features

三柴17.pngIntake system: The diesel generator is equipped with a dry air filter and an air resistance indicator. The HOLSET exhaust turbocharger is used for full intake and performance.

Exhaust system: The diesel generator set uses a pulse dry exhaust pipe, which can effectively utilize the exhaust gas energy and fully exert the engine performance. The unit is equipped with an exhaust elbow and an exhaust bellows with a diameter of 127mm for easy connection.

Cooling system: The engine of diesel generator set adopts gear centrifugal pump to force water cooling, large flow channel design, good cooling effect, which can effectively reduce heat radiation and noise. The unique spin-on water filter prevents rust and corrosion, controls acidity and removes impurities.

Fuel system: Patented PT fuel system with unique overspeed protection; low pressure oil pipeline, low pipeline, low failure rate, high reliability; high pressure injection, full combustion. The check valve with fuel supply and return oil is safe and reliable.三柴18.png

Lubrication system: 60GAL variable flow oil pump with main oil passage signal tube, which can adjust the pump oil quantity according to the main oil passage oil pressure, optimize the amount of oil entering the engine; low oil pressure (241-345kPa), the above measures can effectively reduce Pump oil power loss, improve power and improve engine economy.



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