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Cummins 800 kva Silent Gensets

Cummins 800 kva Silent Gensets

800kva silent gensets Gensets’s Parameter Chongqing sanchai engine power group has the following products series: Generator Sets Engine and Generator Sets Marine Engine Pump Engine and Construction Machinery Engine Natural Gas Engine and Natural Gas Generator Sets Spare Parts of Diesel Engine If...

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Product Details

800kva silent gensets

Gensets’s Parameter



Rated Power

640 KW

800 KVA

Standby Power


880 KVA

At present, the technologies commonly used by domestic generator sets are mainly:

1 sound insulation cover, sound insulation cover made of sound absorption structure, with sound absorption and sound insulation function, the effect is obvious;

2 exhaust muffler, using a self-designed muffler to reduce the exhaust noise of the diesel engine;

3 Vibration isolation facilities, high-performance shock absorbers between the diesel engine and the generator and the bridge to reduce noise transmission.

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