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Cummins Engine 525 kva Diesel Gensets

Cummins Engine 525 kva Diesel Gensets

Cummins engine 525kva diesel gensets I-Diesel Gensets’s characteristic: 1. Power engine: Sanchai Series Diesel Engines (1). PT Fuel System (2). Naturally aspirated, Turbocharged, Turbocharged inter-cooling, Double turbocharged (3). Light weight, Big power, Torque is strong, Low oil consumption,...

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Cummins engine 525kva diesel gensets

I-Diesel Gensets’s characteristic:

1. Power engine: Sanchai  Series Diesel Engines

(1). PT Fuel System

(2). Naturally aspirated, Turbocharged, Turbocharged inter-cooling, Double turbocharged

(3). Light weight, Big power, Torque is strong, Low oil consumption, compact structure, Simple maintenance

2. Self-preservation function: water temperature, oil temperature, over-speed

3. High regulating voltage accuracy, good dynamic performance

4. Less voltage waveform distortion, high efficiency, reliable work

5. Long service life

6. Self-starting & Self-switchover

II- Gensets’s Parameter



Rated Power

420 KW

525 KVA

Standby Power

462  KW

577 KVA

 Performance characteristics:

1. PT fuel system, super high injection pressure, ensures good atomization, burning full

2. Forged steel of crankshaft, cylinder block, connecting rods and camshaft, makes longer life

3. “Holset” turbocharger

4. 4 valves in each cylinder design, optimization mixture ratio of air and fuel, improve the combustion and emissions

5. One cylinder with one cylinder cover design, easy to maintenance, effectively reduces the temperature of the cylinder cover, increase service life

6. V type cylinder design

7. Air to Air inter-cooling

8. Interchangeable spare parts with Cummins

9. Applied range: generator sets, heavy-duty car, bus, crane truck, mining dump vehicles, oil transfer vehicles, construction machinery, mining machinery, marine, special pumps etc.

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