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Cummins Engine 750 kva Diesel Gensets

Cummins Engine 750 kva Diesel Gensets

750kva diesel gensets Diesel Gensets’s characteristic: 1. Power engine: Sanchai NT Series Diesel Engines (1). PT Fuel System (2). Naturally aspirated, Turbocharged, Turbocharged inter-cooling, Double turbocharged (3). Light weight, Big power, Torque is strong, Low oil consumption, compact...

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                                                               750kva diesel gensets

Diesel Gensets’s characteristic:

1. Power engine: Sanchai NT Series Diesel Engines

(1). PT Fuel System

(2). Naturally aspirated, Turbocharged, Turbocharged inter-cooling, Double turbocharged

(3). Light weight, Big power, Torque is strong, Low oil consumption, compact structure, Simple maintenance

2. Self-preservation function: water temperature, oil temperature, over-speed

3. High regulating voltage accuracy, good dynamic performance

4. Less voltage waveform distortion, high efficiency, reliable work

5. Long service life

6. Self-starting & Self-switchover

Gensets’s Parameter



Rated Power

600 KW

750 KVA

Standby Power

660  KW

825 KVA

 Sanchai have adopted advanced PT fuel injection system, hydraulic injection and changeable timing system, turbocharged system, and air inner-cooling system. With  those features, Sanchai's engines possess more advantages than others, such as larger power, fuel-efficient, lower noise, smaller volume and lighter weight, etc. Continuous exploration and innovation in technology is the key  to our success. Sanchai has owned more than 60 nationally registered patents, including 10 invention patents (cast-steel cylinder body of diesel engine), 25 appearance design patents (cast-steel cylinder body of diesel engine),  and 25 practical new patents (cast-steel individual cylinder head of diesel engine). Sanchai has an excellent R&D team comprising several senior engineers, and a modern R&D center, which makes Sanchai a new leader  in the industry.

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