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Generator set daily maintenance
- Jun 08, 2018 -

Generator set daily maintenance


Class A maintenance and maintenance work should be carried out under shutdown

1. Check the daily work report of the generator set:

Comparing and intelligently interpreting the unit operation daily report, especially paying attention to whether the following units have abnormal records in the daily report, timely handling the problems recorded in the daily report, eliminating the hidden troubles of the unit;

The unit is not operating normally. Phenomenon: low oil pressure, low power, unusual water or oil temperature, abnormal engine noise, heavy smoke, excessive coolant, fuel or lubricating oil, leakage of coolant, fuel or lubricant, ignition Failure, vibration, excessive smoke emissions, etc.

2, check the appearance of the engine:

Refer to the following figure to check whether the engine cooling, fuel, exhaust smoke and other system connections are loose or damaged. If any, tighten and replace them immediately.

3, check the oil level:

After stopping the unit for at least 5 minutes in shutdown or running state, pull out the oil level indicator. Refer to the figure below to confirm that the oil level is between the “L” (low) and “H” (high) marks of the dipstick and the oil level is low. The engine oil should be added in time.


4, check the coolant level:

When the coolant level drops significantly, the following figure should be filled with coolant to raise the liquid level to the lower part of the neck of the radiator or expansion tank. Make sure that the coolant temperature drops to at least 50°C before adding the coolant. .

5. Visually inspect the cooling fan:

Visually inspect the cooling fan for any abnormalities such as cracking, loose screws, or bent blades. If the fan is abnormal, contact the unit manufacturer or an authorized distributor for prompt disposal.

6, check the engine coolant heater is working properly, if the heater power supply is normal but the temperature is too low, the heater may not work, the fault recovery heater should be promptly eliminate the normal work. Check whether the engine cooling, fuel, and exhaust system connections are loose or damaged. If any, fix and replace them immediately.