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Characteristics of silent Generator set
- Jan 26, 2018 -

Silent-type generator set, is relative to the Open generation Unit, on its basis to add a device to make the generator has sound insulation and rain-proof function. The open generating unit is closed by the shell and the insulation material is adhered to the inner wall of the casing. At the same time, also need to stay in the exhaust air, so that the generator units to inhale and heat.

Silent Diesel Generator set, Diesel generator set is the introduction of foreign low noise generators and engine technology and carefully designed, advanced design concept, complete variety. Products in addition to a series of diesel generator sets, diesel generator sets of functions, but also has the following characteristics: The unit noise low, the overall mechanism of compact, occupy a small space; the box is all removable structure, the box is made of steel plate splicing, the surface is coated with high-performance antirust paint, at the same time with noise reduction and rain-proof function The inside box adopts multilayer barrier impedance mismatch type muffler structure and built-in large impedance type muffler. The box structure design is reasonable, the box inside has the large capacity oil tank, has two fan to inspect the door at the same time, in order to the unit breakdown overhaul, at the same time has the observation window and the unit emergency Stop Failure button on the box, in order to observe the unit's operation condition.