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How to deal with common faults of diesel generators?
- Apr 27, 2018 -

When using the diesel generator, the user should understand all aspects of the unit! This can be solved step by step in the face of unit problems! Like a diesel generator radiator, water pump, thermostat and other glitches how to do it?

1, radiator pipe leaking

During the use of the diesel generator, the water temperature inside the radiator pipe is too high and the external temperature is too low. Or because of the turbulence of the diesel generator, it is very easy to cause water leakage from the water tank. Water leaking from the water tank of the generator set can put the loose tobacco into the water tank and use the pressure of the water circulation to block the tobacco in the leaking part of the heat pipe for temporary use. If the water tank radiator leakage is severe, it can be cut at the leak, and then the cotton swab is coated with a fan at the cut-off heat pipe, and then the head of the cut heat pipe is clamped with pliers and then crimped. Press tightly to stop leaking.

2, the water pump leaks

The use of aluminum pumps for diesel generators can sometimes result in tight seals. The water seal plane should be polished flat, or the water seal should be flipped 180° before installation. If the thrust rubber band is damaged, the deformation of the expansion, the lack of stretch spring force, the breakage, etc., should be replaced, and keep in mind that the tension spring should not be crushed.

3, thermostat damage

If the water temperature of the generator is too high, it is generally due to the failure of the thermostat, which causes the large circulation rate of the cooling liquid to slow down. It is necessary to purchase a new thermostat for replacement.

4, solve the fan belt cracking

The fan belt of the diesel generator is damaged and should be shut down immediately for replacement. If there is no condition to replace it, two holes can be drilled in the fractures of the original fan belt, and then the broken wire can be used to make emergency use. The need to pay attention is that the proper spacing should be kept between the drilled hole and the section to prevent cracking of the hole. The joint of the wire should be left outside the belt. The belt should not be over tightened. If the fan belts are severely damaged and cannot be connected, the ropes or belts and leather belts can be fastened with iron wires to form a belt that is temporarily used. Special attention should be paid to the length and thickness should be level with the original belt, the rope should be tied in the center and tied.