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Main uses of generator sets
- Jan 26, 2018 -

Diesel Generator set is a small and medium-sized power generation equipment. It has the advantages of flexibility, less investment and easy to start, and is widely used in communication, mining, road building, forest, farmland irrigation, field construction and defense engineering and other departments. The diesel generator set is also an AC power supply equipment in the own power station.

Diesel generator sets can not be transported to the communications station, mining area, forest, pastoral areas and national defense projects, and require independent power supply, power and lighting of the main power supply. For the mains area, and the power supply reliability requirements, do not allow power outages and require a few seconds to recover power supply units, such as communications, banks, guesthouses, airports and other important departments, can be used as emergency standby power supply, once the power outage can quickly provide a stable AC power supply.

The main requirements of diesel generator set is that it can start power generation automatically, run reliably, ensure the voltage and frequency of power supply, meet the requirements of electromechanical equipment.