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Noise reduction facilities for silent diesel generator sets
- Jan 26, 2018 -

1. Damping facilities, the diesel engine and the generator and the bridge between the use of high-performance shock absorber to reduce the noise generated by vibration.

2. Sound insulation cover, using four to five layers of sound-absorbing material insulation cover, mature technology, sound-absorbing noise, the effect is obvious.

3. Into the wind anechoic body, three layer of sound absorbing material labyrinth wind muffler, not only to ensure adequate access to fresh air, but also effectively closed the noise in the room.

4. Exhaust muffler, three-layer sound-absorbing material labyrinth exhaust muffler, not only to ensure the smooth ventilation, but also effectively closed the spread of noise.

5. Exhaust muffler, impedance composite muffler used, greatly reduce the emission of noise, emissions can meet national standards.

6. The power cable connection adopts the fixed junction box structure, which is connected directly outside the box.

In addition, the structure of the cover door and sound insulation cover similar to the window using double glazing, doors and windows and sound insulation cover strictly sealed, the maximum seal of the noise.