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Purchase of diesel Generator set
- Jan 26, 2018 -

Ask about the time, purpose and reasons for sale of old diesel engines, ask about the previous repairs, what major parts have been replaced, and ask what problems are in use in order to have a more comprehensive understanding of the old diesel engine.

Look at the signs and appearances of old diesel engines. Look at which factory production, when the factory, distance existing for how long; look at the appearance of paint is peeling off, the Ministry of whether the defect, the model is eliminated and so on. Judging the old diesel engine's old and new degree from the sign and the appearance.

For testing. The old diesel engine is inspected carefully by rocking the crankshaft, flipping the flywheel and starter. The test machine is a very important step, the specific inspection steps are as follows:

1. Shake the crankshaft so that the nozzle is supplied with oil. If the nozzle emits crisp sound, the nozzle and plunger pair performance is good, such as the wheel room without "wow" and other abnormal sound, it shows that the gear wear is not serious.

2. Flip the flywheel up and down, such as no noise, indicating that the gap between the spindle stem and the bush is not large.

3. Turn the flywheel, make the piston close to the bottom point, and then sway the flywheel around, such as no "Da Da" sound, indicating that the rod shaft between the stem and tile wear is not serious.

4. So that the cylinder decompression, shake the crankshaft, when the removal of pressure, such as the piston rebound force, the flywheel rapid rotation, indicating the cylinder, piston, piston ring wear less. In shaking the crankshaft, the oil pressure gauge should be no less than 1 or oil instructions red mark can quickly rise, under pressure should be laborious.

5. Starter. If easy to start, smoke colorless or light gray, stable speed without noise, indicating the old diesel engine technical situation is good.