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The exhaust black smoke of diesel generator
- May 04, 2018 -

After the diesel generator sets start, exhaust pipe exhausted black smoke failure is generally due to incomplete combustion of diesel injected into the combustion chamber, resulting in a large number of free carbon and exhaust emissions. The specific causes of black smoke in diesel generators are as follows:

(1) Fuel injection pump advance angle is too small

When the diesel generator set fuel supply advance angle is too small, the injector fuel injection delay will be delayed, so that the diesel fuel injected into the combustion chamber will be exhausted before it is fully burnt, that is, the diesel generator set will be burned seriously and the exhaust will emit black smoke. When the fuel supply advance angle is too small, the exhaust temperature may increase, the fuel consumption may increase, and the power may be insufficient.

(2) Unequal supply of cylinders of fuel injection pump

When the diesel generator sets work under the rated load, if the fuel supply of the cylinders of the fuel injection pump is not uniform, black smoke will occur in the diesel generator set. Because the load borne by each cylinder is constant, if individual cylinders supply oil is reduced, the other cylinders will be overloaded, which will increase the diesel in the combustion chamber, so that the diesel will not be fully burned and the black will appear. Smoke failure phenomenon.

(3) Injector failure

In case of drip, oleophobic or poor atomization of the injector, the diesel combustion time inside the combustion chamber will be delayed and the black smoke emission phenomenon will occur.

(4) poor combustion chamber seal

Poor sealing of the combustion chamber leads to a reduction in the amount of compressed air inside the cylinder and a decrease in the temperature and pressure at the end of the compression. The diesel inside the combustion chamber cannot be completely burned due to insufficient air, making the exhaust pipe Black smoke. There are many factors that cause poor sealing of the combustion chamber, such as excessive wear of pistons, piston rings and cylinder liners, installation of piston rings, leakage of cylinder head gaskets, and lack of valve closing.

(5) Insufficient intake air for diesel generators

The amount of air intake inside the combustion chamber is constant. If the air filter is not maintained, the internal combustion chamber is increased in carbon, the exhaust pipe is blocked, or the turbocharger is damaged, the amount of air in the combustion chamber will be increased. Reduction, which affects the full combustion of diesel, resulting in a large amount of free carbon and exhaust gas discharged together from the exhaust pipe.

(6) Diesel Generator Overloading

When diesel generator sets are in operation, if overload occurs, the amount of diesel fuel injected into the combustion chamber will increase. Under the condition that the combustion chamber air volume does not change, excess diesel fuel will not be fully burned. Exhaust pipe black smoke phenomenon.