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What are the main sources of noise pollution for diesel generator sets?
- Dec 21, 2018 -

Noise is usually generated when the diesel generator set is running. If the necessary noise reduction measures are not taken, the noise generated by the unit will cause serious damage to the surrounding environment. In order to protect and improve the environmental quality, it is necessary to control the noise. It is recommended that you use the Sancha silent generator set to avoid these problems.

The main noise sources of diesel generator sets are all produced by diesel engines, mainly including the following:

1. Exhaust noise.

Exhaust noise is a kind of high-temperature, high-speed pulsating airflow noise, which is the most energy of engine noise and the most important component of total engine noise.

2. Mechanical noise and combustion noise.

Mechanical noise is mainly caused by vibration or mutual impact caused by periodic changes in gas pressure and motion inertial force during the operation of various moving parts of the engine. Combustion noise is the structural vibration and noise generated by diesel during combustion.

3. Cooling fan and exhaust noise.

Diesel generator fan noise is composed of eddy current noise, rotational noise, and mechanical noise. Exhaust noise, airflow noise, fan noise, and mechanical noise will propagate through the exhaust ducts, causing noise pollution to the environment.

4. Air noise.

5. Transmission noise of ground vibration.

The strong mechanical vibration of the diesel engine can be transmitted to the outside through the ground for a long distance, and then radiate noise through the ground.