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Characteristics Of Diesel Engine
- Jan 26, 2018 -

The advantage of diesel engine is high torque and good economic performance. The working process of the diesel engine has many similarities with the petrol engine, and each work cycle also undergoes four strokes, such as air inlet, compression, working and exhausting. But because diesel fuel is diesel, its viscosity than gasoline, not easy to evaporate, and its spontaneous combustion temperature is lower than gasoline, therefore, the formation of combustible mixture and ignition mode are different from the gasoline engine. The main difference is that the gas mixture in the cylinder of the diesel engine is pressurized, not ignited. When the diesel engine is working, the air is entered into the cylinder, the air in the cylinder is compressed to the end, the temperature can reach 500-700 ℃, and the pressure can reach 40-50 atmospheres. When the piston is close to the top stop, the nozzle of the oil supply system sprays the fuel in the cylinder chamber at very high pressure for a very short time, diesel to form fine oil particles, with high pressure and high temperature air mixture, combustible mixture combustion, violent expansion generates explosive force, push the piston downward work, at this time the temperature can reach 1900-2000 ℃, Pressure up to 60-100 atmospheres, the torque produced is very large, so the diesel engine is widely used in large diesel equipment.

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