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Guide For Diesel Engine Use
- Jan 26, 2018 -

Diesel is a special fuel applied to a compression-ignition engine (ie, a diesel engine). The appearance of diesel oil is water white, light yellow or brownish-brown liquid. Diesel oil is divided into two kinds of light diesel oil and heavy diesel oil. Light diesel oil is used for fuel in high speed diesel engines above 1000r/min, and heavy diesel is used for fuel in medium and low speed diesel engines below 1000r/min. Light diesel oil is commonly sold at petrol filling stations.

The cold filter point is an important index to measure the low temperature performance of light diesel oil, which can reflect the actual low temperature performance of diesel, and is closest to the actual minimum operating temperature of diesel. Users in the selection of diesel brands, should also take into account the local temperature and diesel grade corresponding to the cold filter point. The cold filter point of No. 5th Light Diesel oil is 8 ℃, and the cold filter point of No. 0 light diesel oil is the cold filter point for 4℃,-10 light diesel oil for the cold filter point of the -5℃,-20 light diesel oil is -14 ℃.