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Oil Leakage Treatment Of Diesel Engine
- Jan 26, 2018 -

Diesel engine is the most widely used power element in agriculture, most of which depend on diesel engine. But the diesel oil leakage phenomenon is also commonplace, how to save oil costs, please follow the following circumstances to skillfully handle.

Nozzle return OIL: Nozzle is a precision component. If the diesel engine uses not clean diesel oil or the machine is used for a long time, it will return oil because of the nozzle wear. But because of the cost of replacing the fuel injector, not the economy, in order to avoid the return of oil leakage, can be returned to the oil pipe to the fuel tank, or the introduction of diesel filters. If the back tubing is damaged, a section of plastic tubing can be used to bring the oil into its own container, filtered and then poured back into the tank.

Partial oil spill: can be dealt with separately: the washer of the hollow screw of the pipeline is uneven, washers can be removed, grinding and then cushion, if the problem can not be solved, the replacement of new washers, or thicker soft plastic material to cut into a washer to replace; plastic pipelines and metal joints oil spills, most of the plastic pipeline hardening or rupture caused, Can be cut to harden, rupture part, and then use hot water soft, hot in metal joints, and then tied with wire, metal pipeline rupture oil spill, the rupture can be welded with copper. In addition, in order to prevent the pipeline rupture, in the installation of pipelines, the curvature should be appropriate, do not hard to install, the body does not contact with the fuselage, to avoid grinding bad.

Valve Chamber Cover Oil leakage: valve Chamber cover in the installation, such as the fastening force is too large, it is easy to make its deformation oil leakage. At this point, you can remove the oil valve chamber cover, with a wooden stick carefully thump plastic, so that the contact surface to restore formation, then, then pad on the gasket, installation can be.