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The Origin Of The Invention Of Diesel Engine
- Jan 26, 2018 -

Diesel in English as Diesel, this is to commemorate the inventor of the diesel engine-Rudolph Dicel.

Diescher was born in 1858, Germany, graduated from the Munich University of Technology. 1879, Diescher graduated from university and became a refrigeration professional engineer. At work, Diescher deeply felt the efficiency of the steam machine was very low, and the idea of designing a new type of engine was sprouting. After saving some money, Diescher resigned as a refrigeration engineer and started an engine lab.

In response to the low efficiency of the steam engine, Diescher focused on developing an efficient internal combustion engine. At the end of 19th century, petroleum products were extremely rare in Europe, so Diescher decided to use vegetable oil to solve the machine's fuel problem (which he used to experiment with peanut oil). Because of the poor ignition performance of vegetable oils, the structure of the Otto internal combustion engine cannot be applied. Diescher decided to start anew, improve the compression ratio of internal combustion engine, using compression produced by high temperature and high pressure to ignite oil. Later, the compression-ignition engine cycle is called the Diescher cycle.

Like all great inventors, Diescher's path of progress is fraught with difficulties. The experiment proved that the burning of vegetable oil is unstable and the cost is too high, it is difficult to bear the Diescher "responsibility". Fortunately, oil products in Europe gradually became popular, Diescher chose the original used for heating the heavy distillate fuel ——— diesel as a machine fuel. The structural strength of the compression-ignition engine is always a difficult problem. In one experiment, parts of the cylinder were scattered like shrapnel, almost causing casualties. The experiment was not smooth, and Diescher's funds were gradually depleted. He had to go back to the refrigerator factory to make a living. But diescher not yield to difficulties, he used his spare time to continue the experiment, step by step to improve his machine.

In the 1892, Diescher finally developed a practical diesel power compression-ignition engine. This kind of engine torque is big, the fuel consumption is low, may use the inferior fuel oil, displays the glorious development foreground. Diescher into the commercial adventures of diesel production. Unfortunately, as an excellent engineer, Diescher lacks business acumen. He is getting into trouble financially. Diescher was on the verge of bankruptcy in 1913. But the diesel engine invented by Diescher has been developed more and more widely in the fields of automobiles, ships and the whole industry.