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The Price Of Generator Sets Is Getting Stable And The Market Is Expanding.
- Dec 21, 2018 -

The development of generator sets is now maturing and the price of generator sets is becoming increasingly transparent. The asking price between diesel generator sets makes the price of diesel generator sets mostly sold at the reserve price. 0 profit is not an exaggerated sales tone. Experts say that the competition of diesel generator sets needs to be carried out blindly. Appropriate price reduction to gain advantage, can promote the single-piece transaction, but the price of the generator set is too high or too low, even the reserve price to sell, only to win the opponent, their own profit is very small or very low, so it is not worth the loss of the diesel generator set price For producers, it is profit. We all know that if our price is too low, then we can't make a profit. There is only some gap between our price and cost. At this time, these are the profits we can get. This is for us. This is very important. How to reasonably set the price so that the manufacturer can be profitable is a problem to be considered.

The sales of diesel generator sets have developed rapidly in the domestic industry in recent years, but the market has begun to show development resistance. China's infrastructure investment and high-energy-consuming manufacturing growth, which has been an important user of diesel generator sets, has slowed down in China's multiple power shortages. Second, the fierce competition in the domestic market and the high degree of homogenization of products also affect the development of diesel generator sets. Third, because international brands such as Cummins, Caterpillar, and Kohler have shifted production to China, some foreign-invested companies will also use China as a production base in the Asia-Pacific region and the world to reduce costs and competition for domestic companies. This undoubtedly reduces the overall profit margin of the diesel generator industry. It is understood that the market demand for sustained and steady growth has created a large number of large-scale local enterprises, and these enterprises have the strength to compete with international giants. China's domestic diesel generator sets are no longer satisfied with the domestic market and are moving to overseas markets, especially for overseas engineering contracting projects.

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